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Why crate train?

It's one of the most common questions we get and one of the most important tools we can use for our dogs...

Crate training! Let's start with the first reason this is an excellent option for all dogs - dog's are den animals. They enjoy having their own space that's safe and secure. Many dog's automatically will find a small space to go and sleep in if given the opportunity. We see lots of breeds who get easily overstimulated and put themselves in there crates when they are tired at the end of the day. Crate training can also aid in housebreaking a puppy or an adult dog by giving them space to hang out when unattended to avoid unwanted accidents when left home alone. Many dog's are successfully housebroken extremely quickly by use of a crate.

Next, preventing seperation anxiety! A lot of dogs pace, and get very stressed out being left in a new large space. Often times, destruction or barking starts. Unfortunately if no one is there to put a stop to it, and it get's much worst. Giving your dog a safe space while you are away is extremely beneficial. It prevents dog's from chasing you out the door, sitting at the window anxiously awaiting your return and jumping all over you when you return home.

Destruction! That's probably one of the biggest! If you leave a young dog to make decisions on their own, most dog's will end up making bad ones. Jumping on the counters, eating the trash, barking at the front window, chewing things that aren't safe. Not only is this not good for dog's to rehearse because it's self rewarding for the dog and there is no one is there to stop it- but it's dangerous. It can end in costly vet bills, and major damage to a house. Instead giving dog's a place to relax with a safe dog chew or kong while you are away is a much safer option. Your dog is also laying down, and in a calm relaxed state of mind.

These are just a few of the reasons why using a crate can be so helpful. You can also introduce the crate to a dog of any age. The proper introduction to the crate is key! Once you establish it as a fun and positive place to be, dog's enjoy there crate so much they run right in when you ask them too. It's as fun of a place as we make it for our dog!

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