I got a new puppy, and I have to admit I wasn't really ready for what I had gotten myself into. I love my dog and he is amazing but it was a lot of work. I searched high and low for the right dog trainer, and Lena was recommended to my by a friend. I called her, and we had a 15 minute talk about what was going on with my pup and how I needed help with the basics. She was extremely friendly, and seemed excited to start working with me and bo. 

During our first session, she explained to me the mind of a puppy, and how this was an extremely important stage of his life - she gave me so many tips on how to socialize him with new things and do this NOW. Then she set up my house, and showed me how to housebreak him - and to my disbelief stubborn Bo immediately sat, and learned down and stay while lena was working with him. Woah! That's when I knew I had picked the right trainer. She showed me how to do basic training with him - and set him up for success. We have a 3rd lesson scheduled in about a month for more advanced obedience and Bo and I can't wait! ;) 

If you are looking for a knowledgable, affordable dog trainer who really has a passion for what they do - I'd highly suggest contacting Lena!


- Diego A., Oakland

K9 Master Dog Training's trainer in chief, Lena, is as good as it gets.Our dog, who had been very well behaved around other dogs her entire life, became "dog selective" when she turned 2 years old.  

We were very worried, because we love our dog and she loves playing with other dogs... it was a sad thought to believe that she wouldn't be able to socialize as much because she doesn't like a few certain dogs.We got in touch with Lena though a recommendation from a rescue company.  I was pretty distraught about the situation with her on the phone, but she immediately calmed me down.  She explained how some dogs could become selective, assuaged a lot of my fears, and she laid out a plan for training our girl to become better behaved around dogs she doesn't care for.I was worried about price, but this service is very affordable.  Best of all, Lena does 1-on-1 training with the dogs she teaches.  And she came to our house and neighborhood for each lesson.We would go train in areas both familiar and new to our dog.  


Her training sessions are long enough to allow time to really help our dog.  She trained us on what we needed to do to get the pup to behave as needed.  She explained the psychology.  She gave us the tips and tricks necessary to improve our situation dramatically.  She has vast knowledge on dog psychology, and was able to get get through to our somewhat rambunctious pet with ease, and taught us how to do the same.  We even learned how to improve other factors of our dogs behavior.After 3-4 months of weekly lessons, our girl is changed for the better.  She continues to make progress, as we now know what we need to reinforce to keep her well-behaved.I cannot recommend K9 Master Dog Training and Lena enough.


-Walter P., San Mateo

I first met Lena while I was working with dogs at the SF Animal Care & Control in San Francisco. Lena helped many of our toughest behavior cases. Lena is one of the most talented trainers In the Bay Area, well known and respected by City Shelter Directors and rescues alike. She's 100 % professional,  personable, has presence, commands respect and the dogs love and bond with her; respond to her training techniques for ultimate success. She's very knowledgeable, resourceful and experienced in creating individual training protocols fine tuned to address each dogs individual training needs. Everyone at the SF Municipal Shelter from the Executive Director down to the volunteers loved working with Lena. I highly recommend Lena and K9 Masters for all your training needs.

-Deborah H., San Francisco

Lena is just plain AWESOME as a trainer. She has helped in large and small ways as I adjust to having - and learning how to handle - a young, powerful, large pittie girl (recently adopted after my old dog died). Her advice is always right on, my dog listens to her and responds perfectly, and Lena is patient with me as I learn how to handle her. I call on her every few weeks for a new lesson and more insights, and she's always available by email for additional guidance and support. She and K9 are really gems.


-Karen W., San Francisco