Meet the Trainer


Lena Abuarafeh is the head trainer and owner of K9 Master Training. In her many years of training, Lena has experience working with thousands of dogs of all breeds and she takes pride in serving the needs of her clients & their dogs. It's started as her passion and is her goal to help keep dogs in their homes by working with owners on correctable behavioral issues. She works with everything from training new puppies and their families, to dealing with more advanced aggression issues.  


Lena believes every dog deserves a chance, and that a trained dog not only makes a happy dog but a happy owner. She also understands the key to a successful training program is that every dog is so different and each dog needs a different training approach. Her true specialty is making sure the owner is learning just as much as the dog along the way while working closely with the owners to help stop unwanted behaviors.  Training does not end when the lessons are over - her commitment to her clients is ongoing. 


Lena has over ten years of experience in training dogs. She started her career volunteering with a local non profit dog rescue in San Francisco. During that time, she worked with dog's who had mild to moderate behavioral issues, which led to a passion of wanting to help rehabilitate and give more dog's a second chance. While she loves all breeds for their unique personalities and traits, she has a soft spot for the bully breeds. 

Lena has interned under well respected trainers and has had the opportunity to work with thousands of dogs where she earned invaluable experience with a huge variety of different dog behaviors. She attended the MHS Dog Behavior Academy, as well as attended the 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019 Canine Behavior Synopsis with leading animal behaviorists from around the country. She continues to always expand her knowledge in the field and attends dog training workshops often. She prides herself on having knowledge on every single breed and their behavior traits and makes a training plan based on that dogs needs. In her extensive experience working with aggression cases, she has also been able to help many clients successfully prepare, navigate and attend the city's vicious and dangerous dog court hearings. 


She volunteered with Rocket Dog Rescue for over nine years and has been an ongoing training resource for Copper's Dream Rescue. She is on the advisory board of Beyond Rescue in San Francisco. In her free time, she teaches low cost group training classes for Our Pack Inc, a pitbull based non profit in the South Bay. Lena also works closely with many bay area animal shelters doing dog temperament testing evals.