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Are you ready for a puppy?

Puppies! They are irresistible, adorable and innocent little creatures. There's nothing more exciting then snuggling up with a puppy, and then getting to bring them home! There's so much that goes into puppy raising!

It's a lot of work in the beginning!

One of the most common calls we receive is from new puppy owners! They are excited, nervous and very overwhelmed. The first few nights home with the new pup many owners are sleepless, and they don't know exactly what to do. The adorable little cuddly puppy is going through leaving mom and litter mates, and that tiny little thing can have the loudest little scream you may ever hear. It can feel stressful to even leave the house with this tiny little puppy all alone. Between getting puppies into a routine, the crate training, chewing, barking, housebreaking and proper socialization - it can be a lot! Make sure you have support, and start training early. Have the proper setup before you bring your puppy home - purchase all the needed supplies. Make sure you have time for the commitment! Training starts early, and does not stop. You should work with a trainer, so you don't end up having unwanted behaviors down the road.

Setting your puppy up for success!

It's a huge commitment getting a puppy not only because the amount of work, but now you have the responsibility of setting that puppy up for success. The training must start early! If you want a well behaved dog, you must put in the hard work. The first year can be crucial to having a great relationship with your dog for the next 10+ years. Socializing your puppy during the crucial socialization periods, protecting your puppy from negative experiences out in the world, and starting obedience and manners in the house are all extremely important. Learning about your puppies breed characteristics can be incredibly helpful as well. Many breeds have certain genetic traits and behaviors, and we can see many of these even in young pups.

Routine is important. Get your puppy onto a schedule! Structure is incredibly important when raising a puppy. It will make things like housebreaking, crate training and basic household manners so much easier. Commitment- commit to the training. You won't regret it. Control your puppies experiences, and keep things controlled. Don't take shortcuts. Make sure you are ready for the commitment to raise a puppy! The more you do now, the happier you will be with your pup as an adult dog.

If you are not ready for the work that goes into the first year of puppy raising, consider getting an adult dog. Training can start at anytime!

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