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Olive is a 7 month old high drive Labrador Retriever who came to us with lacking impulse control around people, demand barking and dragging on her leash amongst other things. During training, she learned reliable obedience on and off leash, and mastered her recall training so she can enjoy off leash time on hiking trails and at the beach. 


When Rico first started training with K9 Master Training, he had no manners while outdoors and was extremely reactive to dogs on leash as well as new people and moving objects, and had a bite record. In only a few sessions, he has learned advanced obedience and his reactivity is managed. He has come a long way!

Leash reactivity is the #1 behavioral issue we see in many dogs.


Hobie started training because of his severe dog reactivity. Hobie could not come within blocks of another dog because of his severe reaction which included screaming and lunging. He was tense, and reactive if another dog came close. 

Since he has been in training, Hobie has been desensitized to being around new dogs while on leash and he is able to walk on a perfect heal by other dogs. 

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