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training for you & your dog

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K9 Master Dog Training is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether it's puppy training, advanced obedience or behavior modification, we're here to help.


Our theory is simple, we don't just have one method of training. We understand that every dog is different and will require a different method. What works for one dog may not work for all, and at K9 Master Training we know that. We help find a training plan that will work for you and your dog to help them succeed. 

We offer in home training sessions where we come to you, and help address unwanted behavioral issues. At K9 Master Training, not only do we train your dog, but we teach you how to be the master in your home and help you to learn every step of the way. We offer ongoing lifetime support for all of our clients.

K9 Master Dog Training voted top best dog trainers in San Mateo 2020:

Free Phone Consultations: 415-678-0382  ●
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